Internet for Nova Scotia

Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative

Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative

The map below represents a combined "Middle and Last Mile" high speed Internet initiative reaching 3,436 households located within rural CBRM (DNS Zone 11).  Under this project, high-speed Internet will be available at minimum speeds of 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload.  The project builds on the extensive existing network infrastructure already owned and operated by Seaside.  Construction is being carried out by Seaside’s experienced, in-house engineering teams assisted by proven subcontractors.

Estimated Launch Dates for Service

1 Marion Bridge COMPLETE
2 Black Brook COMPLETE
3 Gardiner COMPLETE
4 Main-a-Dieu 2 COMPLETE
5 Hills Rd 1 / Hills Rd 2 COMPLETE
6 Hillside 1 COMPLETE
7 Hillside 2 COMPLETE
8 Donkin 2 COMPLETE
9 Brickyard Rd. COMPLETE
10 Donkin 1 COMPLETE
11 Catalone COMPLETE
12 Main-a-Dieu 1 COMPLETE
14 Louisbourg 1 COMPLETE
15 Louisbourg 2
16 Louisbourg 3
21 Mira Gut COMPLETE
22 Tower Rd. COMPLETE
23 Birch Grove 1
24 Port Morien
18 New Victoria COMPLETE
19 Brown's Rd., NV
20 MacKesey Dr., NV
25 Old Bridgeport Rd, Lingan COMPLETE
26 Roach's Rd., Lingan
13 Catalone Gut COMPLETE
17 Seaside Dr. COMPLETE
  Shieling Drive FTTH Q1 2023
  Morrison Road FTTH Q2 2023
  Grand Mira South FTTH COMPLETE
  Northside East Bay FTTH COMPLETE
  Eskasoni COMPLETE

Best efforts are being made to meet or exceed these target dates, but achieving them is subject to a number of variables and dependencies on the activities of third parties, some of which are beyond Seaside’s control.  Dates will be updated periodically as progress evolves.

Certain builds also involve water crossings.


Coverage Map