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With over 50 hit movies each month, you get to the latest Hollywood blockbusters, Live Events such as WWE, Ultimate Fighting, and Adult Movies.  Viewers Choice is a convenient way to see it all.

Seaside Remote Control

Using the latest Seaside Remote Control, press the SETTINGS button on the top of the remote below the word MENU.

This will bring up the Quick Menu.  Use the grey arrow keys; these keys surround the OK SELECT button.  

Move the left or right button and you can navigate to the icon called PPV, this icon is 3rd from the left.

Press the button called OK SELECT.  

You will now see 4 categories to choose from:

(Pay-Per-View by Time)
(Pay-Per-View Events)
(Pay-Per-View By Title)

Use the Seaside Remote Control arrow keys to navigate your selection and then press the OK SELECT button. Inside each of these categories you will be shown a list of choices to choose from.


You only pay for what you order.


Sit back and relax. There are no interruptions, no commercials!