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Phone Bundle Offer


Act now, and for the next 12 months receive Home Phone for only $5.95/mo* plus applicable taxes! Sign up for Home Phone service alone, or within select Seaside Bundles featuring TV and Internet service! Choose from any one of the following (all bundle prices below are per-month, taxes extra):

Phone = $5.95 (originally $46.15)

Phone + ESSENTIALS TV = $18.65 (originally $55.85)
Phone + ESSENTIALS TV + EXPRESS Internet = $66.55 (originally $103.05)
Phone + ESSENTIALS TV + PLUS Internet = $79.55 (originally $116.05)
Phone + ESSENTIALS TV + ULTIMATE Internet = $96.55 (originally $133.05)

Phone + EXPRESS Internet = $61.90 (originally $92.65)
Phone + PLUS Internet = $69.90 (originally $100.65)
Phone + ULTIMATE Internet = $82.45 (originally $116.65)
Phone + EXTREME Internet = $110.90 (originally $126.00)

Phone + EXPRESS TV = $44.45 (originally $78.65)
Phone + EXPRESS TV + EXPRESS Internet = $90.09 (originally $116.49)
Phone + EXPRESS TV + PLUS Internet = $103.59 (originally $129.99)
Phone + EXPRESS TV + ULTIMATE Internet = $109.59 (originally $135.99)

Phone + PLUS TV = $71.65 (originally $105.65)
Phone + PLUS TV + EXPRESS Internet = $160.53 (originally $186.95)
Phone + PLUS TV + PLUS Internet = $125.07 (originally $151.49)
Phone + PLUS TV + ULTIMATE Internet = $131.07 (originally $157.49)

Phone + ULTIMATE TV = $91.45 (originally $123.65)
Phone + ULTIMATE TV + EXPRESS Internet = $133.00 (originally $168.20) 
Phone + ULTIMATE TV + PLUS Internet = $146.00 (originally $181.20)
Phone + ULTIMATE TV + ULTIMATE Internet = $146.29 (originally $181.49)

Phone + EXPRESS TV + EXTREME Internet = $105.80 (originally $146.00)
Phone + PLUS TV + EXTREME Internet = $139.80 (originally $180.00)
Phone + ULTIMATE TV + EXTREME Internet = $144.80 (originally $185.00)

Phone + EXTREME Internet + eero monthly = $120.85 (originally $135.95)
Phone + EXPRESS TV + EXTREME Internet + eero monthly = $115.75 (originally $155.95)
Phone + PLUS TV + EXTREME Internet + eero monthly = $149.75 (originally $189.95)
Phone + ULTIMATE TV + EXTREME Internet + eero monthly = $154.75 (originally $194.95)

And remember, with Seaside Home Phone service your phone is "always on", even when your residence loses power causing your internet to go down. The battery back-up in your phone modem ensures that your phone service always remains active, provided your cable line remains physically connected.

*Not to be combined with any other current offer. Some conditions apply. Offer ends July 5th, 2023.


Summer is almost upon us, so we've decided to extend our special COTTAGE COUNTDOWN OFFER! Are you an existing Seaside customer planning on heading to your summer cottage or bungalow this year? Why not bring Seaside along with you?

Sign up now for TV, phone, or Internet service at your second summer residence, and receive FREE installation plus your first month of service absolutely FREE! You can order your Seaside services individually, or you can even build your own bundle!

This offer is only available for NEW installations at a second seasonal residence upon successful installation. Offer is only valid for seasonal residences that did not have their service in the past 60 days, and the new service must be active for a minimum of four months per year with a seasonal disconnection fee applicable to off-season months. Service at the second seasonal residence must be in the same customer name as the account holder of the full-time residence. Not to be combined with any other current offer. Some conditions may apply. To find out if you qualify for this offer, please phone 902-539-6250.


At Seaside, we offer all-inclusive DIGITAL & HD Bundles.  Mix & match to build your own bundle, or choose from one of our Signature Bundles:


Including our core digital & HD channels, plus Internet speeds up to 20 megabits per second.

With over twice the HD, and speeds up to 50 megabits per second.

With premium channels, movies & HD, plus speeds up to a blazing 100 megabits per second!

So start enjoying what WE have to offer.  Because at Seaside you get everything you want, and nothing you don’t!

Are you a resident of Northside East Bay or Grand Mira South? If so, you will need to view our IPTV CUSTOMER CHANNEL LINEUP, which can be found by CLICKING HERE. Please note that in order to have IPTV you will be required to have internet service as well.

All offers subject to change without notice. Bundles prices shown are subject to applicable taxes. Internet upload and download speeds can be affected by laptop, computer set-up, Internet traffic or other factors. This service does not protect against viruses spread through applications, websites, e-mail and other forms of Internet traffic. Use of Seaside Internet service is subject to Seaside's Acceptable Use Policy.