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Emergency 911

Does Seaside Communications' phone service offer access to 9-1-1 dialling?

Seaside Communications has partnered with Bell Aliant to provide 9-1-1 Service. When you dial 9-1-1 your call is automatically routed directly to the Public Service Answering Point. A standard government service fee for this service appears on your telephone bill.

When initially signing up for Seaside Communications' phone service, do I have to do anything to activate 9-1-1 services?

As a customer of Seaside Communications you will not need to do anything other than sign up for the Telephone service. Once the installation is complete your 9-1-1 service will be actived for you.

How can I confirm that Seaside Communications has the right 9-1-1 information for me?

Seaside Communications does periodic 9-1-1 tests to verify all the information is being sent to the Public Safety Answering Point correctly.