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Internet FAQ

Am I always connected, or do I have to connect each time I use Seaside Communications High-Speed Internet?

When you are connected to the Internet with Seaside Communications, your computer is connected as long as it is turned on. This means no more dialing up or busy signals. With Seaside Communications, you always have access to the Internet.

What comes with the Seaside Communications service?

The Seaside Communications service includes 24 hour access to the network, a High-Speed cable modem, up to 5 e-mail addresses and free telephone technical support.

Will I need Cable TV service in order to get High-Speed Cable Internet?

You will not need to subscribe to Seaside Cable in order to use Seaside High-Speed Internet, however, it will lessen the month cost if you are a Cable TV subscriber already.

Can I use my current modem with Seaside Communications?

Cable modems are unique devices that work on the cable TV network and are not compatible with traditional telephone modems. At this time cable modems from different companies are not able to be used on the Seaside Communications Network. For this reason combined with the sheer cost of the modems themselves Seaside Communications has decided to provide the cable modems to our customers as part of a rental agreement FREE OF CHARGE!!!

My TV is in the living room and my PC is in the den, how do I get the cable to the den?

The cable installer will install a connection at your PC to be used specifically for your cable modem. If you currently have an outlet in a convenient location the installer will test the outlet to ensure that proper signal levels are being met and that the cable modem will operate properly.

If I decide to cancel the service, what happens to the cable outlet?

If you choose to discontinue your service, our installation staff will disconnect your data outlet, but they will not remove it unless requested.

Can I watch TV and use Seaside Communications at the same time?

Yes! The data signals utilized by Seaside Communications are carried on different signals than the cable TV video signals and the two do not affect each other.

If I have TV reception problems, will this affect my Seaside Communications service?

That depends if the problem with the video signal is at the source, or somewhere in the transmission path other than the cable system. If the problem is not related to the cable system then it should not affect your Seaside Internet signal. If, however, the problem is caused by a down line, a cut cable, or something local to the cable TV physical network, then it may affect your Seaside Communications service.

For example: something as simple as a good quality cable splitter in your home may move your cable signal out of the necessary range and cause your cable modem to become unreliable. If your modem ever goes off-line or you are unable to access the network, please contact the support staff at 902-539-6250.


How much does a Static IP Cost?

A static IP is $10 extra per month for each address you request.

How can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill a number of different ways:

  1.     Seaside Communications Main Office,1318 Grand Lake Road, Sydney;
  2.     At any bank as long as you have your invoice;
  3.     Over telephone banking Online through your bank or credit union as long as they have Seaside set up as a biller.

It should appear as Seaside Cable TV if you search for it or could be located under the Telecommunications section if you have to manually go through a list.

You can also set up pre-authorized checking via a checking account or through a credit card (Visa, Master Card and American express are all accepted).


Do I have to remove or disconnect my telephone modem?

No, as long as you have a free expansion slot for your Ethernet card, or built in Ethernet capabilities. There is no need to remove your telephone modem.

If I choose to go with Seaside Communications, can I keep the e-mail address I have at my current Internet provider or will I get a new address?

This really depends on the policies at your current ISP. Some ISP's will forward your old address for up to one year free of charge, others will discontinue your e-mail address as soon as you cancel your account.

Ethernet Connection

High Speed Internet: While specific computer equipment will vary, most desktop computers or laptops made within the last five years have come with a pre-installed LAN port. The LAN port looks like an oversize telephone jack in the back of your computer, or the side of a laptop. For most computers that run the Windows XP/Vista/7/8 operating system or newer, LAN connections are recognized as soon as the cable is plugged into the jack. In some cases, it may be necessary to reboot the computer once the LAN cable is plugged into the jack in order for the computer to recognize the signal coming into the computer.

For older computers which do not have a LAN port available, separate accessory cards may be purchased at a local electronics store. LAN cards are easily installed in most computer systems with the use of only a screwdriver. Full instructions along with system requirements are included with the LAN card.

Specific computer requirements do not exceed the need of a LAN port in the computer. While the amount of RAM (random access memory) and processor speed can have an effect on the rate in which your computer processes information, it does not affect the speed of the high speed Internet signal that is being transferred through the LAN cable.

Homes with Multiple Computers: For homes that have multiple computers, users may consider the use of a home router to divide the signal delivered from high speed Internet to multiple computers within the home. In situations where a home router will be used, the main line which comes from the high speed Internet modem runs into the routers main port. From the router multiple lines can be ran delivering high speed Internet signals to multiple computers.

Another alternative is the use of a wireless router or a wireless high speed modem from Seaside. If you have specific questions regarding your computer equipment or operating system and its compatibility with your high speed Internet access provider, contact Seaside Communications and our customer service representatives will inform you of specific requirements which may be necessary in order to receive high speed Internet access.

Can I connect more than one computer?

Connecting multiple computers allows us to share files and printing capabilities, play multi-player games and allows more than one person access the Internet at a time! Seaside High-Speed Internet services are provided at a low monthly rate for your first computer, and no extra charge if you are sharing this connection over a router to additional computers.

For more information regarding Multiple connections and wireless Internet inside your home or business, please call Seaside Technical support anytime at 902-539-6250, setecting option "3", then option "2".  Our service representatives are always ready to help you.

Will I be charged additional fees for internet useage?  Are there caps/limits to my internet service with Seaside?

Most traditional dial-up ISP's have monthly time limits and once you exceed those limits you are billed for additional time. With Seaside Communications, you can use as much time online as you require for one low monthly fee.

No more watching the meter, or foregoing some important tasks because you will get charged more. Seaside Communications utilizes the cable network for 100% of it's traffic, you never need to tie up your phone. If you had a second phone line installed just for the Internet, you can now save that monthly expense! With Seaside Internet, you have the freedom to enjoy the Internet every day.