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Seaside Internet

Extreme Internet

The New Seaside Super Fast Internet Experience - up tp 100 Mbps!
Everything you want to do online and do it at your own speed with the right Internet plan*

Seaside Internet 20Mbps


Internet Speeds up to 20Mbps.

Includes Wired only Cable Modem.

Surf the World Wide Web with High Speed 20.

Watch videos, stay in touch with friends and family.

$65.90 per month

Seaside Internet 50Mbps


Internet Speeds up to 50Mbps.

Includes all-in-one Wireless Modem/Router.

Increase your productivity in no time.

Download large files at impressive speeds

$78.90 per month

Seaside Internet 100Mbps


Internet Speeds up to 100Mbps**.

Includes all-in-one Wireless Modem/Router.

Ultimate Internet experience for gaming and downloading.

$95.90 per month

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Seaside Internet lets you chat, surf, and game online at all the fastests speeds.
**Internet speeds up to 100mbps now available for St. Peter's, L'Ardoise, and River Bourgeois
  1. Works with PC and Apple Computers.
  2. Supports Mobile devices via wireless.
  3. Multiple connections with router.
  4. Free technical support.
  5. Free Internet Modem Rental.
  6. Seaside Webmail.
  7. Up to 5 Email Accounts.

*​Please Note: The stated service levels and pricing are not applicable to our Fixed Wireless services outside of our urban service areas.