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Seaside understands that your business has specific sets of telecommunications needs and challenges, that’s why we offer a suite of tailored IT solutions.  Our team will work with you to assess your technology needs and close any gaps in your telecommunications strategy.  Whether you need hosted voice, high speed internet connectivity, or network design services, Seaside can customize a solution for you.

By clicking on the "Let's get started" link above, you can provide us with information about your specific business requirements. This will help us to better understand who our potential customers are, and direct us towards the most common areas of need.

Examples of our tailored business solutions include:

  1. Internet – 100-1000Mbps (subject to fibre availability)
  2. Hosted PBX (Voice)
  3. Network Design
  4. Device Installation
  5. Wireless Installations

For more information, please contact our customer service representatives at 902-539-6250, Select Option 1, then Select Option 1 again.