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Phone FAQ

What do I need in order to obtain Seaside Communications' phone service?

If you are transferring your current phone number to Seaside Communications, we ask you to bring in a bill from your current provider that clearly displays your billing address. If you want a new Seaside Communications' telephone nothing is needed.

Does Seaside Communications' phone service support intercoms and alarm systems?

Our Technicians are trained to set up your phone service to work with your alarm system and intercom system, some restrictions apply.

Can I use my computer when I'm on the phone?

If you have Seaside Communications High-Speed Cable Internet you will be able to use your computer while you are on the phone because Seaside Communications does not use the same modem for both services. Seaside Communications telephone uses an Arris MTA and Seaside Communications Cable Internet uses a Motorola Surfboard.

Will my telephone work if my Internet does not?

Your telephone traffic is completely separate from your Internet traffic and is given the highest level of priority, therefore, in most instances if your internet goes down your phone should work properly. If your home or residence loses power, your internet will not work, however, your phone modem has a battery back up in it so your phones will. This means as long as you have a telephone that is not cordless you will be able to make and receive calls without issue. If, however, your cable line is no longer physically connected, for whatever reason, it would impact Cable TV, Internet, and phones from working properly.


How long does it take to have Seaside Communications' telephone installed or transferred from my current provider?
If you are transferring from your current provider to Seaside Communications Telephone, it could take up to 10 business days for the installation to occur.  This is to allow your current provider to make the proper changes to transfer the phone number to us (Seaside Communications)

Can I use multiple phone handsets with Seaside Communications' telephone?
You can use as many phones as you have working jacks when you are connected with Seaside Communications telephone, just as you did with your previous provider.

What happens to my existing phone jacks?
They will work like normal. With Seaside Communications' telephone you use your same telephone with existing jacks.

Could I have my phone number unlisted?
Seaside phone customers, if they choose, can have an unlisted number for only $3.95 per month. This means your number will not be published in the Phone Directory and will not be available at Directory Assistance, however, will be submitted to 9-1-1 for you.


How will I be charged for my Seaside Communications phone service?

Your Seaside Communications telephone bill will clearly outline charges made during the billing period including local service, long distance charges, operator-assisted charges and taxes. Your local service is billed one month in advance. Long distance, directory assistance and operator-assisted calls are billed as incurred. If you have any questions regarding your bill, please call our Customer Service Representative by dialing 611 or 902-539-6250

Please note that effective immediately, Canada 411 has increased their charge to $3.25 per call.

What if I am already a Seaside Communications phone service customer and I add on additional services?

If you would like to add additional services to your Seaside Communications Bill, all you would need to do is phone 611 (from a Seaside Communications' phone) or 902-539-6250 and speak to a Customer Services Representative (CSR).

Can I make International calls with Seaside Communications phone service?

Yes you can.  Seaside Communications offers competitive long distance rates for International Calls.  Please contact a Customer Services Representative at 611 (from a Seaside Communications' phone) or 902-539-6250.  Our International Rates can also be viewed on our website, by clicking here.

How do I stop telemarketers from calling me?

The CRTC has put together a do not call list which telemarketing companies must observe in most situations. There are exceptions of course, however, to have your numbered added to this list, simply fill out their online form by clicking on the following link:



With the growing popularity of new communication services, the demand for new numbers will soon exceed the supply.  As a result, starting August 23, 2014, 10-Digit dialing will apply to all local communications in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  For more information, please click on the link below to download a PDF document with important dates and an informative FAQ.

10-Digit Local Dialing: Customer Changes