Annapolis County Internet Frequently Asked Questions

County of Annapolis

Want to learn more about the Annapolis County High Speed Internet initiative? Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Q What is the “Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative”?

A The “Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative” is a series of projects that will enable more Nova Scotians to have access to reliable high-speed Internet. Once fully in place, about 95% of homes and businesses in Nova Scotia will have access to high-speed Internet service. Currently, there are an estimated 70% of homes and businesses with service. 

Q What parties are involved with this initiative?

A The Municipality of the County of Annapolis and Seaside Communications signed a formal Agreement on April 15th, 2020. The Annapolis team is comprised of the county, its general contractor, Hatch Ltd., and their engineering & design contractor, Eagle Telecom Ltd. Seaside will provide operational management to the county for the services to be provided on its new telecommunications network.

Q Will Annapolis County be the proprietor of the internet service?

A Yes. The resulting network will be owned by Annapolis County.

Q What role will Seaside Communications play in the delivery of the service?

A The delivery of high speed internet to our community will take place in phases. The first two phases involve planning and construction and will be carried out by the County of Annapolis. Seaside Communications will carry out the third phase, which will involve connecting customers with high speed internet.

Q When can residents of the county expect customer connections to commence?

A The first customer connections are expected to be made in 2021, but refer back to this website for more updates. Connections will be made in priority sequence, and residents will be notified when the service is available in their neighbourhood.

Q What can Annapolis County residents expect from this initiatve?

A When this initiative is completed, Annapolis County residents will have access to 1Gbps internet.

Q How can I be placed on a priority waiting list?

A To be placed on our waiting list for priority service activation, fill out our Priority Service form found on this website. Connections will then be made in priority sequence, and residents will be notified when the service is available in their neighbourhood.

Q When service does become available in my area, how will the installation of my service be impacted now that Covid-19 is a concern? 

A  New customer installations are continuing, however our field technicians are following all COVID-19 public safety guidelines, including enhanced sanitation measures, social distancing, and keeping team members home who are not feeling well for the recommended periods. At the time of scheduling we’ll ask that you notify us if anyone in your household has recently been out of country or are exhibiting flu-like symptoms so that we may schedule your installation accordingly.

Q Who can I contact for more information?

A For more information, please phone Seaside at 902-539-6250 or toll-free 1-888-235-0092 and ask to speak with one of their customer service representatives.