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Do you know someone from your community who is a local hero?

Local heroes are people who overcome obstacles to help others, and through their actions show kindness and compassion for their community and its members. Heroes can be anyone from school teachers and grocery store workers, to first responders and healthcare providers.

With your help, Seaside would like to acknowledge these local individuals for their acts of heroism. By filling out the short form below, you can nominate local heroes from within your community. Let us know who has inspired you the most; perhaps it was just by a single act of kindness, or maybe it's through their daily acts of caring, courage, and commitment to helping others.

Nominations will be collected through our Seaside Communications Facebook page and website. Each week 2 names* will be drawn to receive a $100 gift card from a local business. In all, a total of 10 names will be drawn throughout a 5 week period. This is just our way of saying, “Thank you for your commitment to our community”! 

When filling out the form, please leave us your contact information in case your candidate’s name is selected in one of our draws. We may need more information in order to get in touch with them. Facebook page nominators can be contacted via their Facebook accounts. For a list of our Rules and Regulations, click here.

*If the nomination selected is an ‘unnamed’ candidate and cannot be contacted, then in lieu of a gift card Seaside Communications will make a donation to a local food bank in honour of the anonymous, unsung hero.


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